Performance Testing

Course Coverage

  • Understanding the working of the HTTP protocol
  • Load testing of Web Applications and Web APIs
  • Formulate a performance test strategy
  • Test design for load/performance testing
  • Use the JMeter tool and its features
  • Create a Performance Test framework
  • Identify memory leaks in an application
  • Application scalability and failover
  • Create meaningful reports to present the test results.
  • All taught using a real world project!

Target Audience

  • Manual Tester moving to an performance test role
  • Learn performance testing of applications and WebServices
  • Pursue a career in non-functional testing
  • Limited performance test experience but want to be a pro
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Student Reviews


This course is recommended to the engineers who are interested to work as Automation Java Developer. The classes were well structured and explanation of each sections is very good which can be reached for novice developer who don't have testing skills. Highlight of this course is the assignment and explanation for each solution how it can be designed and implemented. I can say the tutors were subject matter experts(SME). Good luck to Axone.
Punitha Devendiran


There are tons of online courses available for Java and Selenium. I was really confused to begin with on choosing the right training provider. I am glad I have chosen Axone. I would like to mention some of the best features about the training I have undertaken with Axone.
  1. Training is not a recorded video but a live online session using Cisco WebEx. This helped me to clarify the doubts as the trainer was available.
  2. Student Cloud. An online portal for Axone students where all the training recordings/material is available. This really helped me to refer to the video recordings for revision of the lesson I have learnt.
  3. Assignment Evening. A wonderful way to implement what you have been trained in to practice and clarify any questions you may have.
  4. An excellent trainer with extensive work experience. This matters a lot when you are getting trained in any subject.
Overall, the training was excellent. For the price I paid., I got way more than I could have hoped for. I am more than happy to recommend Axone to every one seeking training courses for Java and Selenium.
Vinay Patil


I would highly recommend ’Developer In Test’ course. It gave us great understanding of Java concepts, testing frameworks and selenium WebDriver. Also the weekly assignments helps us to clear all our conceptual doubts.
Priti Inamdar
This is probably the most comprehensive and affordable SDET training in the market.. Highly recommended...
Niranjan NB


For me it was excellent exposure to the Developer in test technology, I am very impressed by curriculum and the depth of each concepts covered, the right needs for candidates with less to no knowledge, which gives a great opportunity for any one to learn it from basic knowledge. It gave me huge learning and it had apparently exceeded my expectations.
Manikandan L
I am Completely satisfied with the training provided by Axone. This course allowed me to embrace Developer-in-Test, learn Object oriented programming. I am comfortable in building framework using Data Access, Logger, Page Object Model, Selenium Grid using TestNG Tests. - Shravan Kasaram - Senior Test consultant, UK (Exp 12 years)
Shravan Goud


This Dev In Test course has been remarkable in Java, oops concepts, tools and Selenium Framework which helped me to work straight away with my new project. Evening Session of assignment was very helpful. Student Cloud is easy to use and the timing was very good (morning 7 to 9 so No need to change your whole day plane). Highly recommended ........
Shubham Shrivastava
This Dev In Test course has been remarkable in Java, oops concepts, tools and Selenium Framework. It has prepared me well for our companies roll out of automated testing. Student Cloud is a unique concept. I was initially skeptical about live sessions, but with all the resources available on Student Cloud (Videos, PPT, Code, assignment Exercises), I feel like I am well connected! Pavan P (Test Consultant - Exp 18 yrs)
Pavan Pothuraju


Great learning from highly skilled and experienced tutors. The program is well structured and suitable for beginners. The highlight of the course was definitely the importance given to the practical aspect rather than just learning pure theory. Would highly recommend!
Iswarya Djeakoumar
Axone's innovative and latest teaching methods ensure that you always have access to the training modules and sessions at click of a button. Course material is detailed enough for a beginner to understand and digest the concepts.
Anil Madineni


Highly recommend this course for students and professionals from all occupations who seek to build their career in Automation Testing. This Course is suitable for everyone – all you need is to have a computer. You’ll spend tech-packed weekend hours with a group led by an experienced tutor learning all you need to start your new career. The assignment evenings provided a great forum to clear all the doubts on the topics taught by solving tricky questions. The content was very comprehensive and it flowed well from topic to topic. I learnt how to code and at the end became a confident automation tester.
Pramit Chakraborty


Instruct is very well good in knowledge and his teachings are really exceptional. Lab is equipped with well configuration. we see more upcoming learning on Testing, BigData. and so on. All the best to Axone.
Man Apple
It covers all the topics required for developer in test role and it exceeded my expectations. The assignment session motivated to practice all the topics covered.
Ramya Thenappan